(Biotechnology, Medicine and Health)


ARQUIMEA is a company dedicated to the development of bio-medical equipment, consulting and delivery of specialised courses.


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Development of a microscope that includes substantial advances, such as LED lighting or negative phase contrast.
  • Development of counting chambers, both reusable (sperm-track) and disposable (ISAS D4C).
  • Software:  completely modular systems, adapted to the needs of each sector (research, clinical laboratory, production centers for seminal doses, etc.).
Benefits of Technology


  • Computational image analysis technology, combining self-developed functions with other open source ones.
  • Capacity for design and development of electronic and optical components.


  • Comprehensive solutions, responding to specific problems as a result of contact with users, which translates into continued technical support.

Technology Applications
  • Reproduction Research.
  • Routine laboratory tests, both human and veterinary.
  • Calculation of insemination dosage.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Universities and Research Centres
  • Hospitals, human reproduction clinics, animal reproduction farms and toxicology centres.

Contact information

Francisco José Phone: (+34) 961 196 060