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BEMYGENE HEALTH COMPANY is a new company of a bio-medical character, specialised in offering a service of early detection, cancer prevention and genetic counseling.

There are two main components of early cancer detection:  education to promote early diagnosis and screening.

The main objective of the Bemygene Health Company® is to inform the population of the importance of early diagnosis, to offer excellent patient service and guarantee the population a “vanguard” genetic diagnosis service, through progressive and “exclusive” incorporation of those products which have been validated and accredited by the relevant international and national entities, in order to position themselves as a leader in the field of predictive and personalised oncological medicine.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • The first Spanish company with a scientific and bio-medical base specialised in offering advanced non-invasive cancer prevention and genetic counselling services.
  • They provide the patient with the latest advances in the field, within a rigorous framework of genetic counselling, state-of-the-art technology and bio-medical expertise.
Benefits of Technology
  • Performing early detection screening can help doctors find and treat several types of cancer early.  According to the WHO, the early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances that a treatment will be effective.
  • Some current screening tests can cause health problems, however, thanks to new technologies and advances in cancer research, BEMYGENE can detect early cancer bio-markers, using non-invasive and innocuous techniques.
Technology Applications
  • They offer the most reliable, comfortable and validated genetic tests on the market, accompanied by a personalised attention to each of their patients.   This allows patients needs to be identified and for them to be advised with respect to their decision-making.

BEMYGENE company news

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Contact information

Teresa Valdés Sá Phone: (+34) 962 062 223