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NEOTURE is a company specialising in an innovative material with broad technical and environmental advantages:  synthetic wood.

It offers pallets and technical coatings that transform exterior spaces into cosy environments that remain intact over time.  The aesthetic appearance and warmth of traditional wood, together with the properties of the most advanced polymers, allow a balance to be maintained between essential forms and contemporary ideas.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Innovative material incorporated into the market, which is very technologically advanced, easy to maintain and respectful of the environment.
  • Development of new models made of synthetic wood, prioritising ecodesign as an essential work tool.
  • Revaluation of waste, using products made from recycled raw materials:  wood cellulosic fibers and selected polymers.
  • Progress in terms of construction products, and design of outdoor spaces, in the field of landscape architecture and bio-construction
Benefits of Technology


  • New formulations based on recycled and recyclable raw materials, combining the most outstanding aspects of the different sources.
  • Development of the latest generation of ecological materials that have a wider range of applications.
  • Implementation of constructive solutions that conform to the sustainable model as a current trend.


  • Design of exterior spaces with synthetic wood, a technically advantageous material, with the same appearance as natural wood, but maintenance-free.
  • Use of sustainable materials from the revaluation of recycled raw materials.
  • Development of differentiated environments, constituted by sustainable materials that actively contribute to forest conservation.
Technology Applications
  • Manufacturing and marketing of sustainable and ecological materials used for construction and engineering.

Sectors to which company is directed
  • Material engineering
  • Architecture and landscaping.
  • Design of exterior spaces.
  • Sustainable construction.

Contact information

Alberto BautistaCommercial Director Phone: (+34) 961 132 734