Program for the Characterization of Innovative Companies to Promote their Projection (PICEI 2021)

PICEI 2022

PICEI 2022

PICEI Results Report 2022

The present study summarises the most relevant results obtained in the survey of companies and organisations accommodated within the University of Valencia Science Park (PCUV), developed by the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV), during the year 2016, as part of the Impulse to Business Development Programme (PIDE) with funding from the Generalitat Valenciana´s  Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport.

The Objectives of this survey are:
  • To better understand the characteristics of innovative companies in the Valencian Community in order to plan strategies to support their development.
  • Identify success stories and best business practices.
  • Propose innovative solutions in cross-cutting issues such as financing, training, innovation, internationalization, marketing, etc.
  • Promote dialogue and contact between all the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem; administrations, companies, entrepreneurs, financial entities, investment funds, individuals and society in general.
  • Improve the visibility and awareness of the companies in their environment.
  • Promote the business growth of companies located in the Valencian Science Park Network (RePCV).
Objetivos encuesta


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These are the main conclusions of the survey prepared by the PICEI in 2020, to which 135 of 520 innovative companies in the Valencian Community responded (in reference to the economic result of 2019):


Typology and age

  • 59 % have their work centers located in a Science Park.
  • 41 % of the companies/entities are grouped in two areas of activity: 'Programming, Consulting and Other Activities related to Computer Science' (25 %) and 'Research and Development' (15.9 %).
  • The most used technologies are 'Information, Computing and Telecommunications (ICT)', 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Big Data'.
  • 85 % of the companies are commercial companies (limited liability companies or joint stock companies).
  • 44 % of the companies are 4 years old or less, which could be considered start-ups (according to European Startup Monitor) and 50 % are between 5 and 24 years old.
  • 92 % of the companies direct their products/services to companies (B2B).
  • Regarding the year of incorporation to the Science Park, about 63 % have been installed in these innovation ecosystems of the Valencian universities in the last 4 years. The 16% corresponds to the longest-lived companies, which were installed more than 8 years ago.


Economic data

  • The average value of the figure of assets and liabilities of the companies in 2019 exceeds one and a half million euros (1,547,377 euros). However, the high dispersion of this variable should be emphasized, with a standard deviation of over 3 million euros, which reflects the extraordinary variety of innovative companies present in the Comunitat Valenciana. The segment of companies with revenues between 100,000 and 500,000 euros is the largest (28 %).
  • The net turnover generated by the companies surveyed - without taking into account the five companies with the highest turnover - amounts to 143,100,585 million euros for 2019. The average value per company is 1,223,081 euros; although we note a standard deviation of over 2 million euros.
  • 68 % of the companies reported having received financing through loans or credits.



  • 73 % of the companies have less than 10 workers (micro-enterprises or start-ups), 20% have between 10 and 50 workers (small companies), 4% have between 50 and 250 workers and the remaining 3% have more than 250 workers. The total number of employees amounts to 3,239 professionals.
  • 77 % of the employees have an indefinite-term contract.
  • Regarding the university degree of the people hired by the companies surveyed, 72 % have higher university studies, of which 7 % have a doctorate.
  • Regarding the gender distribution of the direct jobs generated, in fiscal year 2019, 33 % are women.


Independent of business groups

  • Most of the innovative companies in the Valencia Region, 81 %, do not belong to any business group. Of the 23 companies that are part of a group, 17 of them are headquartered in Spain, 2 in the United States, and one each in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy.


Innovation and intellectual and/or industrial property

  • Nearly 30 % of the companies allocate more than 50 % of their budget to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) and 71 % of the surveyed companies have carried out R&D&I activities in 2018-2019.
  • 52 % of the types of protection of intellectual and/or industrial properties of the surveyed companies are patents, where 69 patents applied for, 134 patents granted, 13 patents in exploitation assigned by a third party and 1 patent sold.
  • 69 % have received public subsidies and aid for R&D&I.
  • The main type of innovation of the companies is aimed at products/services.

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