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There is a problem in the tourism industry, which is the immeasurable amount of existing information. When a traveler wants to plan what to do during his vacation, he comes across millions of results.

Localixo offers a solution for all these travelers: an itinerary designer who uses artificial intelligence to save more than 10 hours of planning during a short vacation. Companies in the tourism industry can hire the ICT solutions of this company to improve customer satisfaction, among other advantages.


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Technology offer

Benefits of Technology

Innovative aspects

  •      Search time reduction by more than 95%
  •      Institutions may have an additional sales channel
  •      Companies can obtain additional information about their customers that are not possible to achieve through other means

Competitive advantages

  •      The team has extensive experience in tourism and artificial intelligence sectors
  •      The investment in technology is low and the implementation times are short


Technology Applications
  • Increase satisfaction (CX)
  • Increase sales and cross selling
  • Obtain data insights and tourism intelligence (BI)
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Travels and tourism. Localixo is ideal for tourism institutions, such as town halls, as well as for companies in these sectors such as hotels and transports.

Contact information

Carlo Capozzella CEOcontact@localixo.com Mobile Phone: (+34) 657 38 77 33