(Advanced Services)


Tau Analytics was born with the intention of providing a comprehensive support service throughout the research process, from advising for all types of study designs, to the advanced analysis of data through the combined use of cutting-edge techniques that ensure highly informative, robust and reproducible results.

They are specialists in the analysis of data from companies and entities in the research sector, as well as in the application of advanced statistical techniques for the processing of omic data. They offer the design of databases and electronic CRDs, selection of variables, methodology and estimation of the sample size.

In addition, the company provides basic and advanced courses to achieve relevant knowledge and useful skills for data analysis.

The information contained in this company file has been provided by the company itself and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation is not responsible for the veracity of it.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

Own infrastructure of high performance computing (HPC)

  • Online database development and deployment platform 3.0
  • Advanced data analysis applying the most innovative techniques of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data:
    • Hierarchical or multilevel models
    • Bayesian inference
    • Penalized models
    • Projection techniques
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    • Clustering algorithms
    • Unsupervised learning techniques


Benefits of Technology


  • Use of advanced statistical techniques for data analysis
  • Comprehensive advice in all phases of the study
  • Own technology that allows to refine, manage and analyze databases with fluency
  • Own storage platform and visualization of the results


  • Customized and quality solutions, ensuring reliable, robust and reproducible results
  • Empowerment of resources through state of the art designs and methodologies
  • Optimization of the information extracted from the data
Technology Applications
  • Optimized study design and advanced methodological advice
  • Development and deployment of databases 3.0 in web platform
  • Development and validation of predictive models
  • Search for biomarkers
  • Application of leading methodology for the analysis of 'omic' data of expression, methylation, metabolomics, proteomics, RNAseq
  • Implementation and development of customized solutions by programming custom scripts, R packages and advanced workflows
  • Development of interactive tools for presentation and visualization of results through dashboards, interactive webs and dynamic reports with the latest interfaces of Shiny and RMarkdown
  • Imparting personalized courses


Sectors to which company is directed
  • Companies with a scientific-technological base
  • Research centers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Universities
  • R & D departments of any company


Contact information

Victoria Fornés FerrerData Scientist Managerinfo@tauanalytics.esMobile Phone: (+34) 687 79 38 61