(Information and Communication Technologies (ICT))


Working where other Software does not operate, or fails do so efficiently, we gather together all the problems in order to be able to provide the most appropriate tools, which result in being at the forefront of the sector, Applications in mobility, communications, BI, generation and automation of one´s information, working with standard applications of SAGE, Navision, etc, or with our own solutions.

KUBIKSOF, was created as a BRAND with a SET OF SOLUTIONS, designed for any BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.  From the conception of the SIMPLICITY and PLAINNESS, and hand in hand with the Technological Advances, the global needs of a company can be covered:  Business Management Circuit, ... up to SOLUTIONS OF CONCRETE PROCESSES, CLOUD COMPUTING, MOBILE CONNECTIONS, COMMUNICATIONS.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Android mobile apps programming, for IOS (iPhone/iPad), GOOGLE app Engine programming, APPS implementation, Intranet. Virtual Switchboard. Etc.

Benefits of Technology


  • Streamlines software development
  • Facilitates team work
  • Facilitates software maintenance, applications are simpler for users because unnecessary data is hidden
  • Systems are easy to maintain and adapt to changing business needs
  • Reliability
  • Sturdiness
  • Creates more flexible systems, which in the future are modifiable


  • Implantation times
  • Functionality, technology, flexibility, and ease of use.  We provide the solution you need to improve your company management and accompany it into its future evolution.
Technology Applications
  • Industry Services, Communications

Sectors to which company is directed
  • Services, industry, production processes, times, cost reduction and general trade.

Contact information

Francisco Duchel SanzManagerinfo@redeu.comPhone: (+34) 960 000 210