(Information and Communication Technologies (ICT))


NESSYS IT has extensive experience in consulting and digitalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its objective is to help clients design each process and attend technological need in a personalized way and aligning: strategy, people, processes and technology. It is based on a vendor-agnosTIC work methodology that guarantees neutrality in benefit of the objectives of each client, allowing to apply proven pioneering solutions in its laboratory of technological innovation.


Technology offer

Technical Specifications

NESSYS IT has two lines of activity:


  •     e-Consultancy: as a company, they work to be your technological partner and advisor of digital transformation.
  •     Technological Observatory: Experimentation with the technologies of the future today to integrate them into the business processes of tomorrow.
  •     ICT acquisition strategy: Planning and acquisition of technological resources.
  •     Design and integration of systems: Design of the integration of hybrid systems that combine the technology of its Intranet with the services to third parties from The Cloud on demand.
  •     Telecommunications: Advice on network topologies and implementation of telecommunications services: TCP/IP networks, point-to-point connections, VoIP, ...
  •     360º project management: Management of ICT projects in their entirety, from consultancy to architecture design, implementation, 24x7 technical support and user training.


  • Blockchain: It helps the client companies with the strategic use of this technology and from a thorough analysis of the business profile. The NESSYS IT developments with Blockchain technology are based on Hyperledger, an OpenSource project promoted by the Linux Foundation that was born with the aim of creating tools and frameworks endorsed by the technology industry for the development of corporate solutions.
  • IoT (Internet of Things): The collection of data, in real time, and the interpretation thereof is the engine of the so-called Industry 4.0. IoT allows us to optimize business processes, and industrial manufacturing, through the capture of data with sensors in real time. These data can be analyzed, visually represented and even used for predictions that will allow us to adapt exactly to market needs and trends.
Benefits of Technology
  • Establishment of emotional bonds, honest and of mutual confidence that generate lasting relationships in the search of common benefits.
  • Disposition of knowledge, experience and qualified personnel to address the analysis, development and implementation of advanced information and communication technology.
  • We are not resellers nor do we have partnerships with manufacturers to freely choose the right technologies for each client and adapt them to each business model.

Contact information

Francisco ColomerDirector y Gestor de Proyectos IThola@nessys.esPhone: (+34) 960 500 700