Collaborating Entities

The purpose of the FPCUV is to establish lines of collaboration with companies, entities, plus public and private organisations, through agreements and pacts, which provide the Science Park´s companies with preferential conditions for accessing services and products related to their business activity.


The companies that make up the Science Park may use, as "agreed users", the services of the University of Valencia´s Central Service for Experimental Research Support (SCSIE).


Agreement with the Bank of Santander to facilitate the financing of the self-employed, companies and entities located in the Science Park

Ajuntament Paterna

Agreement signed with the City Council of Paterna to favour the programme of renovation, improvement and modernisation of the PCUV infrastructures.

Ajuntament Paterna

The PCUV is a signatory to Paterna's Local Pact for Innovation, a joint initiative of the main local R + D & I agents, whose objective is to make innovation the economic and social development engine of the locality.

paterna Ciudad de Empresas

A non-profit making association that, driven by the municipality of Paterna, through the Department of Enterprise, groups together all the economic agents in the area to promote and consolidate national and international projection.

Ajuntament Burjassot

Agreement for the use by the company staff of the PCUV of the Burjassot Town Council´s sports facilities, who will enjoy the same preferential conditions as the University community on the Burjassot-Paterna campus.

Generalitat Valenciana - IVACE

A collaboration protocol with the FPCUV for the dissemination, through the Network of Valencian Science Parks (rePCV), of the IVACE programmes of grants and financing activities for micro-enterprises and SMEs.


Agreement of technical assistance on the evaluation of applications for grants and aid to projects submitted for the creation of innovative and technology-based companies.


An agreement to facilitate PCUV companies having preferential access to the guarantees that allow this entity to paralyse the financing, and a personalised diagnosis, with respect to the financing channels. Likewise, the SGR is committed to providing advance and priority information on its new products.

Caixa Popular

Agreement to provide PCUV companies with preferential access to the guarantees granted by this entity to obtain financing, and a personalised diagnosis, regarding financing channels.


A collaborative agreement aimed at establishing a line of financing for the promotion of self-employment and entrepreneurial activity. The initiative is aimed at micro-enterprises located in the University of Valencia Science Park.

Ministerio - CDTI

1) PI+Di Network:  Incorporation of the University of Valencia Science Park into the PI +D + I Network, in order to conduct the information and advisory services provided by the so-called 'local agents', belonging to the entities that are incorporated into the NETWORK.

2) H2020:  The FPCUV provides the CDTI with the identification service of companies with the potential to participate in Horizon 2020 projects.  In this way, it provides technical support to improve the quality of the proposals, and thus achieve the financing of European projects.


Agreement for the installation in the Schience Park of a parcel delivery device (Citypaq).


Agreement that regulates the participation of the FPCUV as a receiving entity of companies and/or professionals linked to the innovation and entrepreneurship systems of the Universities of the Ibero-American University Network of Business Incubation.


Agreement by which the FPCUV develops comprehensive occupational plans for the insertion of unemployed Asindown members.

Big Bang - Asociación de Business angels

A collaborative agreement between the FPCUV and CvBan (currently Big Ban Angels), a private non-profit making association that represents and brings together business angels and other private investors; trains potential investors and entrepreneurs throughout the private investment process; and puts entrepreneurs in contact with innovative business projects, including business angels and other private investors.


Agreement for the realisation of non-work placements within the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation, with the aim of facilitating the labour insertion of vocational training students.


Agreement by which FPCUV and Aecta undertake to jointly carry out all activities of promotion and dissemination of business knowledge, particularly in the field of strategy, innovation and best practices in business management.