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Mediation and arbitration to solve disputes arising from research activity and transfer of technology and innovation 18/06/2019 This conference, organized by the Science Park and the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of Valencia, seeks to present and value the possibilities offered by the use of mediation and arbitration regarding the management and resolution of litigation arising from the activities of research and transfer in the university field. In addition, it will offer a complete overview of the legislative developments that, in the field of industrial and intellectual property, have been undertaken during the last months in Spain.
Date: June, 28th
Hour: 8:45am - 11:30am
Place: Auditorium Marie Curie
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An introduction to particle physics: accelerators, zoos and models 14/06/2019 Alberto Aparici is a specialist in the study of models that allow explaining the properties of neutrinos through other particles, much heavier, that can be located and studied in particle accelerators.
Date: June, 19th
Hour: 12:30am
Place: Assembly Hall at IATA
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Coloquio Premios Nobel 03/06/2019 Jean Marie Lehn (Nobel de Química 1987), Serge Haroche (Nobel de Física 2012) y Ben Feringa (Nobel de Química 2016) establecerán un coloquio durante el cual estudiantes e investigadores podrán plantear preguntas sobre sus trabajos e investigaciones.
Date: 3 de junio de 2019
Hour: 10:30-12:30
Place: Auditorio Marie Curie
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