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Let's provide for 2020 and a new decade of success! 20/12/2019 The best way to culminate the 10th anniversary of the PCUV is to provide for another 10 years together with all the people who are part of this research, development and innovation ecosystem.
Date: December, 20th
Hour: 1:00pm
Place: Auditorium Marie Curie's Hall
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Red.es Course - Gestión de personas 12/12/2019 For a work team to function properly, generating good results and being really effective within the workforce, there must be a figure that knows how to coordinate and manage people, motivate, inspire and enhance the skills of team members.
Date: December 12th
Hour: 3:00pm-7:00pm
Place: Trainning Room
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Internationalization Workshop: Partnerships and Consortiums 11/12/2019 The purpose of this workshop is to explain how to deal with international markets accompanied by other partners and how to establish strategic alliances and groupings under the different existing associative formulas.
Date: December, 11th
Hour: 9:30am-1:30pm
Place: Boardroom
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