Conservación y gestión de recursos microbianos
October, 2 10:45am - 5:15pm Training Room

Conservación y gestión de recursos microbianos


On October 2, The Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT) will give the training day Conservación y gestión de recursos microbianos in the Training Room of the University of Valencia Science Park. This activity is part of the INIA RMP2015-00001-00-00 project and aims to support the members of the Spanish Network of Microorganisms (REDESMI) in the management, management and dissemination of their strains.

The program includes presentations on good conservation practices and legal aspects of the use of microbial resources. In addition, there will be a practical session of the web application that the CECT has developed in the framework of this project and that it makes available to REDESMI collections to manage their strains and give them visibility.

The professionals who have a collection of microorganisms derived from their research, have the possibility to register in REDESMI and, therefore, to attend the day.


To register, you must send an email to the attention of Lidia Rodrigo or MicroBioSpain, the integration of REDESMI in the European Microbial Research Infrastructure Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI).