Energy and the Environment

In terms of Energy and the Environment, the Science Park has a double function. On the one hand, it has companies specialising in renewable energies, or that offer services and solutions aimed at energy saving, sustainable mobility and water treatment, among others. In addition it maintains, on the other hand, a horizontal policy of energy efficiency and environmental management that not only represents an added value for PCUV users, but also contributes to establishing a sustainable development model.

The PCUV is an active organisation with respect to the sustainability of policies that the University of Valencia, its promoter institution, carries out.  The PCUV promotes the EVOMOBILE project, a living-lab oriented towards the development and use of the electric vehicle as a form of sustainable transport amongst the University community.  Likewise, it participates, together with the University, in the Climate-Kic project, of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), in the development of policies and strategic actions for the prevention of climate change.


Companies List

A business which allows companies and institutions to calculate, reduce and compensate their diffuse CO2 emissions through donations or investments.See CO2ZERO's page »
Business group specialised in renewable energy and the energy efficiency sector. See GENIA GLOBAL ENERGY's page »
Specialist in synthetic wood, offering pallets and technical coatings that transform exterior spaces into inviting environments that do not deteriorate over time. See NEOTURE's page »
Specialists in the areas of ecology, limnology, hydrobiology and ecotoxicology to meet the environmental quality and ecotoxicology needs demanded by companiesSee XENOBIOTICS's page »