Settling up in the Park

The Science Park is the ideal place to initiate and develop an innovative business activity, access to different areas of scientific and technological knowledge and establish contacts and agreements of collaboration both at the scientific-academic level and business one. Respond to a new concept of corporate housing linked to R+D+i, with buildings and facilities of high-end services to develop activities based on the knowledge of high added value.

To be installed in the Science Park means to lie down to the talent and to the connectivity as strategies to advise the excellence.


Settling up in the Park

10 Reasons to become established in the University of Valencia Science Park

1Technical and Scientific services2Support for Business3Space versatility4Corporate Accommodation5Relationships within the Environment6Competitiveness7Savings8Expansion Possibilities9Location10Collaborative and Co-operative Environment


""Here is the place where knowledge is generated and for a company like ours, which lives by having ideas, it needs to be right up close to that knowledge."".Daniel RamónVice Pres. of R+D in Nutrition and Health, ADM BiopolisPlay testimonial video
""The Science Park is like a big house that allows researchers to get in touch easily with companies"".Ana CrosICMUV DirectorPlay testimonial video
""For Darwin it was essential to establish ourselves in the Science Park because it allowed us to be in direct contact with the search that was being done at the University of Valencia”.".Cristina VilanovaDirector of DarwinPlay testimonial video
"The physical proximity between the 7 research institutes improves our communication and gives us the possibility to have synergies and to exploit them".Juan José HernándezIFIC DirectorPlay testimonial video
"The PCUV is an ideal scientific and business environment because it gives the STCC a new and more entrepreneurial dimension and, above all, facilitates synergies with other companies and with other researchers who work here".Rosa AznarDirector of Spanish Type Culture Collection
"Para Intenanomat es muy importante estar localizado dentro del Parc Científic, ya que de esta manera podemos colaborar activamente, en el día a día, con el Instituto de Ciencias de los Materiales".Pedro RodríguezDirector de I+D de IntenanomatPlay testimonial video
"Nuestra ubicación en el PCUV nos ofrece y nos aporta una mayor interdisciplinariedad porque hay institutos que desarrollan actividades en disciplinas mucho más alejadas que las que nosotros tenemos como investigadores del IATA".Cristina MolinaDirectora del IATAPlay testimonial video
"Més enllà de ser un centre mixt convencional, la pròpia naturalesa interdisciplinària de l'institut entre la biologia experimental i la biologia computacional fa que en el Parc Científic pugam trobar els nostres socis ideals per a aquesta interacció".Juli PeretóVicedirector de l'I²SysBioPlay testimonial video

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