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Introduction and objective

Joint research center of the University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), founded in 2016.

Introduction and objective

It is an institute open to the strategic participation of biotechnology companies. Its scientific programs focus on research on the structure, function, dynamics, evolution and manipulation of complex biological systems.

It aims to provide solutions to problems in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biomedical and agro-industrial sectors that are open to a systemic approach.

Main research programs

The research groups at ISysBio are organized thematically into five Scientific Programs (SP). These programs are dynamic and evolve to incorporate new research and developments in integrative systems biology.


  • logoTheoretical and Computational Biology
  • logoSystems Biology of Molecular Interactions and Regulation
  • logoSystems Biology of Pathogens
  • logoEvolutionary Systems Biology of Symbionts
  • logoApplied Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology
  • logoInnovation Unit (Synbiosis)

Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (UV + CSIC) news

I2SysBio co-leads pioneering study on long transcriptome sequencing, key to disease and aging
Researchers Gustavo Gómez and Rosario Gil take over the management of I2SysBio
I2SysBio obtains the ASPIRA-MaX Josefa Barba Seal of Excellence from CSIC
Innovación funds a low-cost system developed by I2SysBio for the early detection of a fungus that causes serious losses in grapevine crops
A research group led by I2SysBio develops a new computational tool to investigate genome complexity
I2SysBio research team creates VIPERA, a software that evaluates how SARS-CoV-2 evolves throughout the infection

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