Advanced Services

The Science Park, in addition to contributing to the generation and development of business in the different strategic sectors of the economy, also welcomes companies and entities that provide transversal innovative (or supporting innovation) services in any business field.  In this way, it meets the needs of all sectors being consistent with the general nature of its own promoter, a University that researches and offers training in virtually all areas of knowledge.

In this way, the technological offer of Advanced Service companies in the PCUV ranges from consultancy and competitive intelligence, to the design and realisation of sociological studies, certification or business incubation.

This area of activity plays an important business support role within the Park itself, while contributing to the heightening of industrial competitiveness of services in the immediate environment.


Advanced Services

Companies List

Research, Development and Innovation
Empresa consultora especializada en la investigación, el análisis, el asesoramiento y la planificación estratégica en el sector cultural y creativo.See CULTURALINK's page »
EIXAM (social studies) is a modern, innovative and applied sociology and anthropology company. See EIXAM's page »
Empresa especializada en comunicar la I+D utilizando formatos originales y un lenguaje accesible a la vez que riguroso. Se dirige principalmente a empresas innovadoras y centro educativos.See EL CALEIDOSCOPIO's page »
Engineering, Consulting and Advisory
Amaranto pools experience in both Engineering and the Law to offer intelligent solutions to companies and public administrations on environmental matters. See AMARANTO's page »
Training of civil society on issues of cooperation and European fundingSee EUROIMPULSE's page »
Desarrollo de estrategias de calificación de la gestión de empresas, instituciones públicas y privadas y serviciosSee BR5 ACTÍVATE's page »
The company has extensive experience in the optimisation at all levels of a company's organisation, especially in operations management, process management and communication positions.See DIINTE's page »
A Project specialised in offering personalised and on-line training services in real time, aimed at students, associations and companies.See EDUKA10's page »
Created by industrial engineers in industrial plants meet health and safety criteria, and its legal requirements for enforcement. See GRUPO BIA INGENIERIA's page »
Specialised consultancy in small and medium businesses whose services help improve clients´ competitiveness and business image, reduce costs, and improve internal management. See ITAI's page »
This company carries out conformity assessment activities in the fields of certification, environmental verification and water laboratory, as well as industrial services.See IVAC's page »
The Localixo virtual assistant allows users to customize their trips using Artificial Intelligence.See LOCALIXO's page »
Mobiliza Consulting is a technology consulting company that has been providing solutions for more than 12 years in the health-care sector.See MOBILIZA's page »
Oficina de gestión arquitectónica a través de la aplicación de la metodología BIM (Building Information Modeling).See MODELARK's page »
Design of global strategies to improve Internet presence, focussed on search engine positioning (SEO and PPC) and performance analysis. See MOV MARKETING's page »
PORIB co-ordinates and develops research activities on Results and Economic Evaluation in the health area. See PORIB GESTION's page »
Specialists in the analysis of data from companies and entities in the research sector, as well as in the application of advanced statistical techniques for the processing of omic data.See TAU ANALYTICS's page »

Advanced Services news

IVAC-Instituto de Certificación, the first accredited European entity to certify Data Protection DelegatesRead more »