Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a business activity area with high rates of innovation, technological progress, productivity and a considerable impact on economic activity.  Its trans-versality and ability to influence practically all sectors of the economy, and the relative ease with which it can attract investment, generates an image of encouragement with respect to interesting business-development opportunities for young, professionally qualified entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the Science Park has been a magnet for ICT companies.

From the IRTIC research, and that of the University of Valencia´s School of Engineering, business projects have emerged and developed in the PCUV.  Others, also established in the Park, were created independently, thanks to the growing number of professionals in this cluster. Currently, ICT is the business field of 2 out of 10 companies installed in the Science Park.

Companies List

Development Centre of the multi-national Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), dedicated mostly to R&D tasks in the area of design and manufacture of integrated micro-electronic circuits. See ANALOG's page »
Information, IT and Telecommunications
It combines Cloud Computing technology and the most advanced infrastructures to offer business solutions in Energy Management, Telecommunications, Smart Cities and Digital Signage. See ABENSYS TECHNOLOGIES's page »
Consulting company and developer of business content management (ECM) solutions. See ADAPTING's page »
Biotech Vana S.L. (Biotechvana) is an SME in bio-informatics and computational biology created in 2006 as a University of Valencia spin-off . See BIOTECHVANA's page »
A University of Valencia spin-off company offering different remote sensing services (images, thematic products, consulting).See EOLAB's page »
The main activity of this University of Valencia spin-off company is the development, maintenance and consultancy of integral informatics and information systems. See ESAM TECNOLOGIA's page »
Develops business software oriented to Windows Phone's, mobile and web environment, through the use of innovative standards and Microsoft technology.See EVOLUTIVE SOFTWARE's page »
Development of integrated business management solutions to optimise processes and improve strategic decision making. See I MAS D SOLUTIONS's page »
Compañía valenciana con 19 años de presencia en el mercado de los Servicios de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones.See IDC Formación's page »
Engineering services company, specialising in the development of customised computer applications. See IMTRAG's page »
A company dedicated to the development of BUSINESS SOLUTIONS with the most modern technologies. See INICIA SOLUCIONES 10's page »
Company of health tchnologies-biomedical informatics which facilitates the management of medical and genomic image data to apply precision medicine. See KANTERON SYSTEMS's page »
It collects and analyses data on the perception of companies on the Internet, and helps them define and carry out their online strategy. See LISTENIC's page »
Legal services and specialised legal assistance to R&D & I companies and technology-based companies. See MIGUEL ANGEL VILA's page »
Mobiliza Consulting is a technology consulting company that has been providing solutions for more than 12 years in the health-care sector.See MOBILIZA's page »
Design of global strategies to improve Internet presence, focussed on search engine positioning (SEO and PPC) and performance analysis. See MOV MARKETING's page »
Development of new technologies and applications to improve the performance of professional, federated and basic sports practice.See NOTHINGBUTNET's page »
A young, dynamic company created by entrepreneurs, designed to offer clients a complete online experience for their company or business. See QUATRESOFT's page »
Company specialized in the creation of high performance ecommerce portals. It offers knowledge, consulting, experience and succeed solutions for your online sales portal.See WAY2 ECOMMERCE's page »

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) news

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