AVI' Strategic Innovation Committee meeting
December, 10 10:30am Marie Curie Auditorium

AVI' Strategic Innovation Committee meeting


The Strategic Innovation Committee (CEI) of the Valencian Agency of Innovation is the highest advisory body, with a scientific-technological-business nature. Its main task is the proposal of specific strategies, challenges and action programs that contribute to the improvement of the innovation system of the Comunitat Valenciana through the effective mobilization of the areas with the greatest potential for exploitation.

Along these lines, it identifies and supervises the Specialized Strategic Innovation Committees (CEIE), which must provide unique solutions to each of the challenges identified by the CIS.

The 45 members of this Committee are chosen by the Valencian Council of Innovation respecting a balanced proportion among scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.

It meets every six months and, on this occasion, will hold the December 2019 meeting at the Marie Curie Auditorium of the University of Valencia Science Park.