#eXPOCIÈNCIA - Image acquisition and processing on your mobile
November, 23 9 a.m. Online edition

#eXPOCIÈNCIA - Image acquisition and processing on your mobile


Monday 23rd November at 09:00h

"Science fiction never talked about mobiles or the Internet, and there is great news on the way: with quantum technologies we will change our way of looking at the world". Javier Calpe, director in Valencia of the multinational electronics sector Analog Devices, Inc.
About image processing to the mobile devices that we all use, Calpe will talk to Valero Laparra, researcher at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia and specialist in the functioning of our brain to get the most out of technology: "The best image processing system is our boss. Knowing how it works helps us to generate a lot of technology".

The two scientists work in the University of Valencia Science Park and will enter the secondary and high school classrooms to share ideas and knowledge with students on this interesting and suggestive subject.

Therefore, if you are a secondary or high school teacher, register with your students for these informative talks at www.expociencia.org. General public, you will have an access link before each colloquium.

We look forward to seeing you at e-XPOCIÈNCIA 2020!