#eXPOCIÈNCIA - A planet of good microbes
November, 25 9 a.m. Online access

#eXPOCIÈNCIA - A planet of good microbes



Wednesday 25 November at 09:00a.m. on e-XPOCIÈNCIA 2020

"Microorganisms are notorious for causing illness, but they also bring benefits to health, industry and general well-being". Says biochemist Juli Peretó, researcher at the Institute of Systems Integrative Biology (I2SysBio).
"A good diet is the best medicine," says biologist Daniel Ramon, vice president of R & D in Nutrition and Health of the agri-food giant ADM Biopolis.

Both work in the University of Valencia Science Park and will enter the secondary and high school classrooms to discuss these issues.
Remember: if you are a high school teacher, register with your students at www.expociencia.org. For the general public, the access link is: https://links.uv.es/expo2020/directo_sysbio

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