#eXPOCIÈNCIA - What are satellites for?
November, 24 9 a.m. Online access

#eXPOCIÈNCIA - What are satellites for?



Tuesday 24th November, at 09:00h, in #e-XPOCIÈNCIA 2020

If you are interested in the observation of the Earth and space, you will surely like to participate in this colloquium with the astronomer and scientific popularizer Amèlia Ortiz and the expert physicist in remote sensing José Antonio Sobrino. Both of them work at the University of Valencia Science Park and are ready to share their knowledge with you and answer all your questions.

Remember: if you are a high school teacher, register with your students at www.expociencia.org. For the general public, the access link is: https://links.uv.es/expo2020/directo_astronomia

We are waiting for you at e-XPOCIENCE 2020!