Course - Managing people
March, 10 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Trainning Room Course - Managing people


The University of Valencia Science Park Foundation, as a collaborating entity of in the framework of the CREARFUTURO program, aimed at training in skills for digital transformation, will host the free course People Management on Thursday, December 12, 2019.

The biggest challenge of the people responsible for teams is to manage the performance of their professionals in an effective way without harming their motivation or creativity. Through this training, work will be carried out on skills associated with team management in collaborative and decentralized professional environments. Being able to effectively apply techniques and technological tools focused on digital leadership and people management can be a great opportunity, seeing their skills improved and increased and accessing new positions in the organization.



- To describe the main techniques for team management and for the development of collaborative works remotely, using technological tools such as Trello, Symbaloo, Yammer or Nozbe

- To manage high performance equipment in a digital environment, using digital tools

- To identify new types of leadership in digital professional environments

- To analyze the leadership techniques applicable in a digital environment


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Collaborative and multidisciplinary work
               2.1. Collaborative and multidisciplinary work
               2.2. Technology in collaborative work

Module 3: Remote Equipment Management
               3.1. Remote equipment management and its characteristics
               3.2. Keys to direct remote teams
               3.3. Effective virtual meetings

Module 4: Management of high performance equipment and black boxes
               4.1. High performance equipment
               4.2. Characteristics of high performance equipment

Module 5: Creativity and leadership in the digital economy
               5.1 Qualities of a leader in the digital age
               5.2 Role of the leader in the digital age
               5.3 Innovation and creativity through critical thinking


The training is free, but requires prior registration through the following form.