Innotransfer | Food safety: challenges and solutions
July, 8th 10:30 a.m. Online

Innotransfer | Food safety: challenges and solutions


The open innovation program Innotransfer launches a new thematic webinar on Agri-Food. In this case the webinar aims to give visibility to challenges and opportunities for innovation in the field of food safety, detected by the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation.

In this meeting we will delve into the short and medium term needs of food safety and learn about opportunities for innovation of business value. Research groups and companies have devised solutions that need collaborators or partners to be carried out.

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10:30-10:40    Presentation
Fernando M.ª Zárraga. Manager of the Fundació Parc Científic Universitat de València

10:40-10:55    Needs and trends in food safety
Fernando Lorenzo. Director of Innovation and Quality of Betelgeux S.L.

10:55-11:10    New technologies for the control and traceability of food safety
Juan Pablo Lázaro. Technician of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of AINIA

11:10-11:25    Problems in the manipulation of foods
Laura Solís. Department of Quality and Food Safety of FEDACOVA

11:25-11:30    Question and answer session

11:30-11:45    Innotransfer's challenges for food safety

•    Intelligent and understandable food labeling   
Lidia Garcia.R+D+i Technician. Agri-Food Specialist of Las Naves - Ajuntament de València

•    Avoiding the most harmful chemicals in food packaging to make a green packaging  
Mª Carmen Moreno. Food Contact & Packaging Group Leader of AIMPLAS

11:45-12:15    Innotransfer Innovation Opportunities for Food Safety

•    New tools for phytopathological diagnosis against new pathogens                                                              
María R. Albiach Martí., CEO and founding partner of ValGenetics, S.L.

•    Innovating in environmental water sanitation through the application of specific lytic bacteriophages              
Dra. Elena González Biosca. Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Ecology of UV.

•    Device for the control of food allergens and ultra-low cost assay for the simultaneous determination of food allergens.                                        
Dr. Sergi Morais. Professor of the Department of Chemistry and researcher at UPV-IDM

•    Development of in situ chemical residue detection systems in food
Dr. Antonio Abad. - Scientific researcher of the Food Analytical Immunotechnology Group - IATA-CSIC

12:15-12:25    Question and answer session

12:25-12:30    Closing