Ebook presentation: 'Ciberseguridad. El reto del siglo XXI'
November, 19 12:00am Marie Curie Auditorium

Ebook presentation: 'Ciberseguridad. El reto del siglo XXI'


The 21st century is the century of data and its analysis, also that of connectivity; in short, the century of information in real time and available to anyone anywhere in the world. These data are impacting society and the economy in such a way that no productive sector or any social relationship without data is understood. If this is added to the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we are facing a century in which technological advances are going to be totally disruptive for citizens. However, there will be no real progress as long as there is no secure exchange of information.

This last topic is the plot of Ciberseguridad. El reto del siglo XXI, our new ebook whose presentation will take place on Tuesday, November 19th at the Marie Curie Auditorium. Cybersecurity experts, coordinated by Emilio Soria, Full Professor of Electronic Engineering and principal investigator of the R&D group Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory (IDAL), will explain the content collected in this digital publication.

Its objective is to address this requirement for computer systems of individuals, SMEs and Industry 4.0, while raising the requirements that new professionals in this field must meet. The book is signed by:

  • Óscar Padial and Javier Marqués, experts and technical engineers in Telematics, managing partners of the Valencian Institute of Cybersecurity and Telematics (INVACI)
  • José Torres, deputy director of the Escola Tècnica d'Enginyeria Informàtica (ETSE) of the University of Valencia and professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Fernando Mateo, Joan Vila and José María Martínez, members of the Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory (IDAL) research group of the University of Valencia
  • Hervé Falciani, president of Tactical Whistleblower Association, a non-profit association whose mission is to promote ethics and institutional security through research and the application of technologies such as blockchain
  • Manuel Domínguez, Daniel Pérez, Miguel Ángel Prada, Serafín Alonso, Antonio Morán and Juan José Fuertes, members of the Department of Electrical and Systems and Automation Engineering of the University of León
  • Julio Navío, Department of Business Organization of the National University of Distance Education (UNED)
  • Alberto Ureña, Department of Business Administration of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers
  • Jorge Edo and Jorge Sánchez, members of Mobiliza Academy company, specialized in training in Information and Communication Technologies



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