Introduction to the ebook 'Mediación y Arbitraje en conflictos derivados de la actividad investigadora y de transferencia'
June, 30 12:30 p.m. PCUV's Youtube Channel

Introduction to the ebook 'Mediación y Arbitraje en conflictos derivados de la actividad investigadora y de transferencia'


The coordinator of the ebook, Guillermo Palao, Professor of Private International Law and Arbitrator of the Court of Mediation and Arbitration of Valencia, will present together with Juan José Borrás, Director of the University of Valencia Science Park, and Jesús Olavarría, Member of the Governing Board of the Court of Mediation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Valencia, Arbitrator and author of one of the five chapters, the main novelties addressed in this digital publication dedicated to the resolution of conflicts arising from research and transfer activity and published by the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation.

There are several conflicts that can arise during the development of research and transfer activities, either of a technical and/or commercial nature, or strictly legal. This fact forces us to ask ourselves questions such as the following: What happens when, within the framework of these relationships, conflicts arise between the parties that endanger the relationship? Do these contracts have mechanisms that minimize or eliminate the disputes? How would it be possible to reduce the intensity of the differences and guarantee the continuity of the collaboration? What would be the most appropriate mechanisms to deal with possible confrontations and facilitate their continuity, taking into account their complexity and highly technical component? How can the confidential nature of the information transferred in these cases be guaranteed?

This ebook aims to answer these questions in an area that lacks studies that combine the need for depth and practicality. To this end, a valuable list of academics and professionals has been put together who put their knowledge and experience to good use, with the aim of offering keys to prevent and avoid the possible conflicts that may occur within the framework of this type of agreement, as well as, if necessary, reducing their intensity and favouring their adequate management. Felipe Palau, María Dolores Blanco, Rosa Mª Rodríguez, Jesús Olavarría and Ignacio Alamar, coordinated by Guillermo Palao, offer valuable recommendations for research teams and heads of research results transfer units at universities and research centres, managers and professionals involved in R&D&I projects and technology-based companies.


The presentation will take place on Tuesday 30 June, at 12:30 pm, on the YouTube channel of the University of Valencia Science Park. After a 30-minute presentation, there will be a question time for the audience through the channel's chat.

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