Communica-Innova[tion] Workshop: 'Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication'
October, 15 4:00 p.m. Marie Curie Auditorium

Communica-Innova[tion] Workshop: 'Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication'


Elements as diverse as intonation, rhythm, motivation and confidence play a role in optimal communication. Mastery of verbal and bodily skills will allow us to connect with others to convey our ideas; and in particular, in our field, to attract their attention in the presentation of research, developments and innovations.

Therefore, the objective of this workshop, of a practical and face-to-face nature, is to condense the communicative strategies at both the verbal and non-verbal levels. Specifically, the following public speaking resources will be addressed:

   - Techniques for overcoming the fear of public speaking

   - Elements involved in oral communication

   - The voice as a means and instrument of language

   - Non-verbal communication. Paralinguistic and mimicry

   - Practical concepts in voiceover and presentation in conferences, speeches, briefings, debates and interviews



In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the workshop, the number of places has been limited to 15 people, so that you can discover your skills and mistakes in a practically individual way when you are presented to an audience. 



The professional responsible for providing this training is Mª Teresa Estellés, speech therapist specialised in Clinical Psychology and Psychopedagogy and co-founder of the Spanish Association of Speech Therapists. As a teacher, she teaches specialised courses in public speaking, professional voice and communication at different universities and institutions.



Registration for this workshop must be made using the form on the Comunica-Innova [tion] website, the communication training project promoted by the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation with the support of the Conselleria of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society.