La hoja de ruta hacia la internacionalización. Estrategia online y offline
November, 7th 9:00am-1:30pm Boardroom

La hoja de ruta hacia la internacionalización. Estrategia online y offline



The main objective of this workshop is to promote the internationalization of companies and boost their business abroad. Through three days, each of the companies will be able to design their own roadmap towards internationalization from their specific starting situation, so the workshop is useful both for those companies that have not yet exported, as for the companies that are already started in foreign markets. The first of the conference will take place on Monday, November 4, under the title La hoja de ruta de la internacionalización. Estrategia online y offline.

The approach is theoretical-practical and immediately applicable. Each assistant will be able to apply the different concepts and models studied to their specific situation.

As a novelty, participants will also have the possibility of receiving personalized advice and support after each training. For this, an express request is required, which will be recorded on the registration form. The requests will be met in strict order of entry.



09:00h Registration of attendees

09:15h Presentation

09:30h El punto de partida: el análisis de las capacidades internas de la empresa

11:15h Pause

11:30h Estrategias de internacionalización


The workshop will be given by Consortia Consultores, a consultancy specialized in the internationalization of companies, export consortiums and strategic alliances that has extensive experience, as well as being a collaborator of different chambers of commerce and Spanish public entities for the promotion of foreign trade.



The day is face-to-face and free. However, people interested in attending must register previously by filling out this form.


If you need additional information about the day or want to answer any questions, contact the Communication and Marketing area of the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation: / 96 354 38 41.