Internationalization Workshop: Partnerships and Consortiums
December, 11th 9:30am-1:30pm Boardroom

Internationalization Workshop: Partnerships and Consortiums


The purpose of this internationalization workshop, focused on Alliances and Consortia, is to explain how to address international markets accompanied by other partners and how to establish strategic alliances and groupings under the different existing associative formulas, such as:

         - consortia for internationalization

         - consortia for H2020 projects and other national / European programs

         - UTEs

All these formulas can offer us rapid entry into foreign markets, take advantage of new business opportunities and develop European or international projects. Likewise, the keys for the correct configuration of the different types of alliances will be explained and practical success stories will be analyzed in various business sectors.

This training with an eminently practical approach will take place on Wednesday, December 11, from 9:30 am. to 1:30 pm., in the PCUV Boardroom.



The thematic points included in the program of this third day are:

1. Introduction: globalization and cooperation
2. Consortia and alliances. For what? Advantages and disadvantages
3. Cooperation formulas for internationalization
4. Types of consortia and alliances
5. How to create a consortium: key aspects
6. Resources to find partners
7. Key aspects in the negotiation of alliances
8. Applicable legal forms
9. Analysis of real cases

As in the previous workshops, attendees will have the possibility of receiving personalized advice on the subjects taught. For this, an express request is required that will be recorded on the registration form itself. Places are limited, so the order of registration will be important.


The workshop will be given by Consortia Consultores, a consultancy specialized in the internationalization of companies, export consortiums and strategic alliances, as well as being a collaborator of different chambers of commerce and Spanish public entities for the promotion of foreign trade.



The day is face-to-face and free. However, people interested in attending must register previously by filling out the form enabled on this page.


If you need additional information about the day or want to answer any questions, contact the Communication and Marketing area of ​​the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation: / 96 354 38 41.