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Overgenes offers people the latest advances in health prevention with the most innovative genetic products on the market. Its products have scientific validity and are designed to provide accurate genetic information to enable personalized guidelines to improve quality of life.

Optimising diet and lifestyle, making daily habits healthier, obtaining the best sports performance, and personalising the drugs that a person should take are just some of the advantages provided by Overgenes' services.



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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

Overgenes currently have four lines of preventive genetic tests:

  • I3 Intolerance: i3 genetic test, indicated for the preventive detection of the three most common food intolerances: gluten, lactose and fructose. Available in two versions: adult and paediatric (aimed at children up to 14 years of age).
  • MyDiet Genetics: provides information on the percentage of macronutrient distribution recommended to be consumed in the diet, identifies resistance to weight loss, customises the most suitable times for meals, optimal sleeping hours and what type of sport to practise to lose weight.
  • MySport Genetics: designed to provide accurate information through which to design a nutritional and sports plan that will enable you to achieve top marks as well as prevent injuries.
  • MyPharma Genetics: pharmacogenetic test that provides information on the metabolism, dose and toxicity of drugs.
Benefits of Technology


  • This company is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allows numerous genetic variants to be analysed reliably and accurately.
  • Through intense R&D activity, they have managed to obtain the CE/IVD mark for the i3 test, being the first preventive genetics test with this quality mark. The CE/IVD marking is a European Community quality certificate for the marketing of in vitro diagnostic medical devices.


  • Overgenes offers unique genetic tests in the market, technically very complete and at a competitive price. They are capable of analysing the scientifically proven genetic risk markers for the different processes.
  • The massive sequencing technology used allows the analysis of samples obtained through oral rubbing, a very simple and completely innocuous technique, suitable for any person and age.
  • Continuous development of new genetic tests adapted to the needs of our customers.
Technology Applications

Overgenes brings scientific knowledge closer to the field of health, nutrition and sport, providing new tools for:

  • Nutrigenetics for weight control
  • Sports performance and injury prevention
  • Prevention and diagnosis of food intolerance
  • Pharmacogenetics for precision medicin
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Medicine
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sport

Contact information

Javier Sarasqueta Mayans CEOinfo@overgenes.com Phone: (+34) 963 217 758