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Seqplexing aims to satisfy the requirement for reliable protocols for the sequencing of amplicons or genes.  For this we are developing easy-to-use closed solutions for clients who enter this new world. Our protocols, developing protocols, kits and the necessary support for easy use and implementation, are made available in the client´s own laboratories.

The company was created with the idea of transferring and sharing the accumulated knowledge, experience and needs observed by the Hematology and Medical Oncology Service (University Clinical Hospital of Valencia), and the Genotyping and Genetic Diagnosis Unit (Fundación Investigación Hospital Clinic of Valencia and Institute of Clinical Sanitary Investigation of Valencia (INCLIVA).  This Unit has extensive experience in the use of these research techniques and their application in clinical studies.

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Seqplexing will be part of a strategic cooperative project for the monitoring of pollutants in the sewage network of ValenciaRead more »

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