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"We catalyze your ideas, it is our reason for being as a service company, specialised in improving the productivity of companies, through operational efficiency and effective communication.  We are passionate about implementing efficient and innovative solutions, catalysing the know-how of our clients, and invigorating internal communication in order to enhance knowledge exchange within your organisation. "

In DIINTE they understand that optimisation must be carried out on management processes or indicators, linked to quantifiable results.  Therefore, they evaluate and ensure that the project benefits guarantee their clients a return on investment. Its team is formed by professionals with extensive experience in management positions, process optimisation and people management.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • The decision of Diinte´s founding partners was to offer a differentiated and specialised service in improving the productivity of companies, through operational efficiency and effective communication.

Benefits of Technology
  • Diinte's team is made up of professionals from various industrial sectors, with extensive experience in both operational and process management positions.
  • They therefore guarantee the communication and the integration of this into their clients´ cultures, together with the vision and the necessary knowledge to optimally  lead any project and improve results.
  • For all these reasons, Diinte guarantees its clients:  the scope of the project, plus its delivery time and a return on investment.   In addition, they certify the savings derived from their services before completing the project.
Technology Applications
  • Operative Efficiency:
  • Process optimisation and industrialisation according to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.
  • Integration of information systems (ERP, CRM, MRP, MRP-II,   OEE, ...) with the key operations of each client.
  • Supply chain improvement through the implementation of purchasing strategies, and relationships with its suppliers (Supply Relationship Management).
  • In-Company Training:  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma philosophy and tools, Lean Project Management, value-added purchases, interpersonal skills and leadership, management control, strategic and financial management.
  • Technological Advice:
    • Management of R&D + I Committees.
    • Implementation of normative standards UNE 166.002.
    • Communication with research Institutes and Universities.
  • Energy Efficiency:  energy saving projects in productive processes or buildings according to the standards of the EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) and ISO 50.001.
  • Project Management:  management in accordance with the Project Management Institute´s standards.
  • Coaching and Leadership:
    • Personal y Executive Coaching.
    • Mentoring.

Contact information

Santiago SánchezDirectorinfo@diinte.es Phone: (+34) 902 090 840