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SAM is a University of Valencia spin-off, established in 2007, whose main activity is the development, maintenance and consultancy of integral informatics and information systems. The company is specialised in:

  • Analysis of computer systems and systems re-engineering.  Audit and consultancy in design processes and implementation of information systems
  • Information management systems using relational databases:  Oracle and MySql.
  • Documentary information management systems
  • Complete management of the applications life cycle (development, start-up and maintenance) on web environments under the J2EE standard
  • Integration of applications with legacy systems using SOA systems
  • Architecture of distributed computer systems
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Information dissemination systems:  voice services, SMS and MMS services

Among its commercial products is e-NQUEST (   a web system for the integral management of questionnaires, designed with the objective of providing any user with only basic technological knowledge about the design, publication and online monitoring of surveys.


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

The e-NQUEST program is composed of two clearly differentiated parts, although closely related to each other.

  • e-NQUEST Designer:  manager of surveys, publications and user communities.  Through this tool the user can design, configure, monitor and manage surveys, as well as the communities of end users to which they will be directed.
  • e-NQUEST Viewer:  web portal through which end users or respondents can complete surveys published from e-NQUEST Designer.
Benefits of Technology


The e-NQUEST web tool is designed with the objective of facilitating any user with minimal computer knowledge, the ability to manage of online surveys, covering the complete life cycle of a survey, from the design itself to its final publication and online monitoring . The application is based on:

  • Efficiency and optimisation of resources:  the provision of repositories for the warehouse work, and the reuse of the catalogue of each user on any composition, new or existing, which offers an organisation a high level of efficiency and resource optimisation
  • Ease of use:  thanks to the use of the latest technology, e-NQUEST is able to offer the user a web interface of great power and clarity of use, with just an Internet connection and without installing additional software.
  • Flexibility:  adapts to any user´s need in order to provide its total power in the most comfortable and simple way, both in the case of small, medium or large surveys, for communities of end users of any size, as well as for any type of publication required by the user.


  • With just an Internet connection, and without installing any further software, work can begin.
  • Developed with the latest technology from free software.
  • Specific adaptation of the product to the client's needs, as and when required.
  • Ease of use:  web technology + drag and drop, totally intuitive and easy to manage.
  • Modular and scalable in such a way that it will evolve with the technologies and the user´s needs.
  • Independent of the platform, it works on any fixed or mobile device, with or without connection (online, offline).
  • Development of complex rules in any stage of the project.
Technology Applications
  • e-NQUEST Survey:  software based on the latest web and mobile technologies, created as a platform capable of facilitating the management of electronic questionnaires through different channels and devices.  It performs from the questionnaire programming to the start-up, as well as the study ´s on-line monitoring. Its main objective is to provide any market research or opinion project with the necessary technology to obtain high quality data.
  • e-NQUEST MAPI:  this is an innovative way of capturing data through Face-to-Face interviews.  Its particularity lies in the fact that the recording of the information is done on a mobile device, through electronic questionnaires previously loaded into the mobile, which allows the questionnaire to be used with or without data network connectivity, and later introduced into the server.
  • e-NQUEST MOTE:  active sensor system, based on the latest mobile technology, for the management of anonymous, statistical information on stays, behaviours and people movement.  Oriented to large-scale events, shopping centres and large areas, businesses, urban environments, and the endless indoor/outdoor application possibilities in real time.
  • e-NQUEST APPS:  pioneers in the development of applications and implementation of services and systems, based on mobile technology, such as mobile marketing tools and active customer loyalty systems.
  • e-NQUEST CONNECT:  is the use of two or more e-NQUEST channels.  This combination allows significant multiplication of this application´s opportunities within the fields of market study and opinion, both commercial and logistic, providing solutions that increase profitability.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Quality
  • Analysis and market prospecting
  • Teaching
  • Human Resources


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