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NEVAL is an Agricultural R&D Laboratory, accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment for the conducting of Officially Recognised Tests (EOR), and with phytopathological diagnostic services of Nematodes and insects.

Its priority is to provide services for the development of nutritional products and plant protection to the highest quality, with accurate results, advising clients and developing new protocols for obtaining optimal trial results.

The company has scientific and technical researchers with 20 years of experience in conducting field trials and laboratory studies, which allows NEVAL to provide a wide variety of agricultural research services, thanks to collaborations with Universities and other scientifically based companies in the field.

Following the inauguration of the First Collection of Private Phytoparasitic Nematodes in Spain in 2017, trials with nematodes are the strongest point of its technological offer, both “in vitro” studies and in pots, greenhouses in controlled conditions, and in the field.

NEVAL divides its facilities between the Science Park of the University of Valencia, where its laboratories and greenhouses are located under controlled conditions, and Xilxes-Castellón, where the offices and experimental fields are located.  This wide range of locations permits the best support to be given on all the services offered.

Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Neval is a specialist in Efficacy Tests in the field, greenhouse and laboratory for all types of products under the protocols of the European Community OEPP/EPPO and agronomic efficiency protocols under the new Royal Decree 999/2017 that modifies Royal Decree 506/2013, as well as IRAC and OECD / OECD methods:
    • Biopesticidas
    • Insecticides
    • Herbicides
    • Nematicides
    • Fertilisers
    • Micro-organisms
    • Traps and pheromones
    • Auxiliary fauna
    • Vigour and germination
  • Research and development of protocols for laboratory studies with different agricultural pests.
  • Nematological diagnosis in plant samples, land, water and others.
Benefits of Technology
  • Services adapted to the clients´ needs.
  • Analysis of several horticultural crops, taking advantage of the same infrastructure and saving secondary analysis.
  • Fast and reliable results at competitive prices.
  • Communication and transparency in all the studies conducted.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Bio-technological companies and producers of bio-pesticides, phytosanitary products, fertilisers, micro-organisms and rooting, amongst others, all of which need an R+D Department for the development and execution of preliminary studies and registration.
  • Private and public research entities that need to outsource diagnostic services for nematodes or nematological studies.

Contact information

Technical Directionlaboratorio@ne-val.comMobile Phone: (+34) 610 345 356