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DAWAKO is a medical device startup with the vision of enabling a new paradigm of wearable bioimaging technologies for Digital Health and Precision Medicine in order to improve human health and physiological performance.

Wearable Bioimaging in Motion®

The company enables a new paradigm in the field of traditional medical imaging devices, based on the first-generation of Wearable Ultrasound AI-powered technology platform for remote patient monitoring and intelligent analysis of ultrasound imaging biomarkers in a cost-effective way, enabling an innovative business model: Medical Device-as-a-Service (MDaaS)


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

DAWAKO's innovative technology platform integrates two components:

  • Wearable Ultrasound® System: Wireless multi-modal (3-in-1) Ultrasound Scanner Patch
  • PiiXMED™ Platform: Cloud-computing system based on proprietary AI-algorithms for the extraction of Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers and intelligent analysis of US images together with muscle activation / oxygenation in ambulatory / physical activity (Structured Reports)
Benefits of Technology
  • Best-in-class solution: Wearable Ultrasound AI-powered technology platform, overcomes all known limitations of current obsolete or sophisticated competing technologies. The DAWAKO’s wearable bioimaging platform will enhance the global competitiveness of the medical imaging industry
Technology Applications
  • i-SARC: Active ageing (early diagnosis and effective intervention of Sarcopenia syndrome)
  • i-SENSONICS: Remote patient monitoring (cardiopulmonary)
  • i-SPORTMED: Personalized care on MSK Health and performance
  • i-PHYSIO: Precision Physiotherapy (injury prevention and intelligent recovery)
  • i-CLINIC: Clinical Research and Clinical Trials (“CROs”)
  • i-BIONICS: Bionics (novel human-machine interfaces for the next-gen medical bionics devices)
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Healthcare
  • Precision sports medicine and physical therapy
  • Clinical Research and Pharma


Agustín Maciá

Managing Director Co-Founder

Sergio García

Product Manager Co-Founder

Eduardo Godoy

R&D Manager

Victor García

Electrical Engineering / Ultrasonics Manager

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Contact information

Agustín Maciá-BarberManaging Director & Co-Foundercv@dawako.es Mobile Phone: (+34) 689 475 361