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Dawako is a medtech startup, providing state-of-the-art and advanced solutions to bring innovations from emerging wearable biomedical technologies to market.
Established in the University of Valencia Science Park (Spain), with the aim of enabling a new paradigm of dynamic bioimaging systems for precision sports medicine and performance.

Next-generation Dynamic Bioimaging in Motion
Dawako's vision is to develop, based on BioSensonics® core technology and PiixMed™ System, new innovative wearable bioimaging solutions for the early diagnosis and therapeutic follow-through in the MSK Continuum of Care.


Oferta tecnològica

Especificacions tècniques

Dawako is developing the next-generation BioSensonics® technology based on a Wearable Ultrasound Scanner Patch (WUSP) and AI-powered cloud-platform PiixMed™ System, that make an impact in the field of ubiquitous monitoring and non-invasive Imaging Biomarkers analysis of the musculoskeletal (MSK) system in motion. It facilitates decision-making for personalized care on MSK health and performance.

Beneficis de la tecnologia
  • MSKU InSight 360. Key performance set of MSK Ultrasound Imaging Biomarkers for coaches, clinical sports professionals, physiotherapists, researches, and athletes that will help them to understand how to comprehensively monitor physiologic changes
  • Continuum of Care - across the MSK Health and Performance Cycle. MSKU InSight 360 allows the design advanced treatment plan/training program cycles, guided by assessment results based on Quantified Imaging Biomarkers (QIBs), that elicit maximal improvements in performance while minimizing overtraining and injury risk
    • Health | Muscle Health Assessment (MHA)
    • Performance | Muscle Quality Assessment (MQA)
    • Injury | Decision Support Assistant (DSA)
    • Recovery | Treatment Plan Assistant (TPA)
Aplicacions de la tecnologia
  • MSK healthcare: precision sports medicine and performance, clinical physiotherapy, advanced nutrition and active-ageing
  • Pharma (clinical trials / remote patient management)
  • Bioimaging research
Sectors cap als que es dirigeix
  • Sports medicine and performance,
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma

Informació de contacte

Agustín Maciá-Barberinfo@dawako.esTelèfon mòbil: (+34) 661 226 208