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They design, develop and commercialize bioactive products and ingredients -natural, healthy, safe and sustainable-, providing customers with integral solutions that allow them to elaborate functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, nutraceutical products, animal nutrition products and personal care products.The bioactive ingredients have a positive impact on health and improve the quality of life and well-being of the population.

The products of Q'omer B.I. they are based on natural resources of the Latin American native biodiversity, especially of the humid Amazonian and Andean tropical forests; hence, its name "Q'omer", which comes from Quechua and means "green"; evoking the native and natural and inviting us to make a responsible and respectful use of natural resources, to enjoy in a sustainable way the benefits that nature provides.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Guarantee the technological and functional quality of the bioactive ingredients, supporting the positive effects on the health and well-being of these products through the identification and quantification of their properties from basic and applied biotechnological research.
  • Ensure sustainability, social, economic and environmental responsibility during all productive and commercial stages of supply of bioactive products and ingredients.
Benefits of Technology

To provide the best bioactive ingredients - Natural, Healthy, Safe and Sustainable - naturally present in vegetable products; including probiotics, proteins, extracts, micro-nutrients (minerals & vitamins), fibers and carotenoids, amongst others.

To investigate, design, develop and commercialise Natural Bioactive Ingredients that positively affect health and well-being, according to the specific needs of the markets.

To develop with our customers and business partners, new products and/or ingredients from new or more interesting sources of Bioactive Compounds, that will allow their application as raw materials for the production of consumer products in the Health and Welfare sectors.

To implement the 'Sourcing with Respect' approach, exhaustively controlling the supply chain, promoting the conservation of bio-diversity, respecting traditional knowledge, ensuring the equitable distribution of benefits, as well as contributing to the sustainability, bio-production and socio-economic development of indigenous productive regions.

To promote social awareness with respect to the relevance of the consumption of natural products, and the respectful treatment of native bio-diversity and sustainability.


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