(Information Technology (TIC))


LISTENIC is a company that provides online marketing services to companies and individuals, specialising in social media marketing and online reputation management.   They research what people say on the net about company´s products; they configure the online advertising and manage company´s social networks.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Heuristics for geo-location
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Python, Javascript and Erlang as programming languages
Benefits of Technology


  • Application of research results of semantic analysis, graphic analysis, geo-location and spatial syntax of the data.  This permits the extraction of metrics that competitors cannot obtain (for example, geographic distribution by interest).
  • Listenic presents more useful conclusions for the client.
  • Geo-location of tweets:  applying criteria that go beyond whether the tweet itself is geo-located by the user, so it is possible to know from where the most mentions of a concept come.
  • Automatic classification of mentions:  based on a sample already classified, Listenic is able to classify large amounts of data with an accuracy of 90%.  It is very useful to categorise mentions by feeling, department, etc.


  • Segmentation by language, country, feeling.

  • Customisation according to the client´s needs

Technology Applications
  • The product can be applied wherever there is a need to monitor opinions, comments, recommendations or any other type of information published by Internet users.
  • Marketing:  constant monitoring of the organisation´s online reputation and comparing it with the competition or environment.
  • Journalism:  monitor the most popular topics of the moment, to find interesting stories or contrasting information.
  • Media:  qualitative information on audience data.
  • Trading:  prediction of the stock market´s behaviour.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Communication Media
  • Trading

Contact information

Guillermo Phone: (+34) 650 167 640