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Santa Barbara Smart Health is a company created in 2016 by Fresenius Medical Care, a German company that is a world leader in products and services for patients with kidney failure, focused on developing disruptive technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of Medicine. Its main objective is to transfer knowledge and medical culture to the Point-Of-Care.

Medical knowledge is growing so rapidly that it is almost impossible for a human being to be up to date with the latest information available. That is why the AI ​​awakens a great interest, due to its possibilities to get involved in situations where a large stock of medical knowledge is required, fast data processing and effective decision making.

Santa Barbara Smart Health uses its technology to develop products and services focused on improving the quality of life of patients and their well-being through innovation and development of software tools to support medical diagnosis and assist medical professionals in making decisions.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Processing of natural language and application of deep learning for the extraction and automatic structuring of information from medical texts such as clinical histories, technical data sheets of medicines, clinical guides, medical literature, etc.
  • Automatic learning and probabilistic (Bayesian) modeling for the resolution of medical problems
  • Development of intelligent user interfaces specialized in medical products
  • Integration of products developed with clinical systems
Benefits of Technology


  • Artificial Intelligence promises to transform society on a scale even higher than the impact that the Industrial Revolution had at the time, followed by other revolutions such as technology and digital.
  • Our technology imitates a series of processes of the mind that we consider complex, intelligent and exclusive of the human being. It is based on understanding the environment that surrounds us and extracting and analyzing a series of data through experience or learning, and then reasoning and making decisions on their own.
  • The use of our technology directly impacts the benefit of the patient and the community, increasing the quality of health care service at a lower cost.


  • Flexibility for the development of adhoc solutions using disruptive technology for medical problems of any kind.
  • Group of experts with knowledge and experience in various areas within Artificial Intelligence (deep learning, multi-agent systems, probabilistic graphic models, natural language processing, genetic algorithms, expert systems, etc.).
  • Availability of a large amount of medical data for the development of tools thanks to being part of the Fresenius Medical Care group, a world leader in dialysis products and services with clinics spread all over the world.
Technology Applications
  • Development of systems that facilitate the decision making of medical personnel, which allows the optimization of the treatment as well as the improvement of the well-being of the patients, using innovative techniques based on Artificial Intelligence.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Santa Barbara Smart Heath provides R+D+i products and services mainly for Fresenius Medical Care and, secondly, for any company or organization, both public and private, focused on the medical sector.


Carlo Barbieri

General Manager

José María Martínez

Scientific in Artificial Intelligence

Marcos Vives del Sol

Software Developer

Sergio Soriano García

Software Developer

Mykola Harvat

Scientific in Artificial Intelligence

Martin Navarro Llacer

Software Architect

Francisco Martínez Martínez

Scientific in Artificial Intelligence

Sandra Martínez Sanchis

Administrative Manager

Jordi Silvestre Llopis

Artificial Intelligence Analist

Kevin Morillo Navarro

Medical consultant

Dr. Raúl V. Casaña Eslava

Scientific in Artificial Intelligence

Contact information

Carlo BarbieriCarlo.Barbieri@fmc-ag.comPhone: (+34) 960660225